Thank you for your interest in joining the She’s Got Leggz Family. Please see the information below and let me know if you have questions. 

Who is She’s Got Leggz?

She’s Got Leggz was founded by Laura Youngs and Theresa Place, in May 2015. Owners Theresa and Laura are two Burlington born and raised moms who met while supporting their children’s school council. Laura, Theresa and their families are very active in their children’s school community. While looking for a new business venture they fell in love with the comfort and versatility of leggings. After much research and shopping, they launched She’s Got Leggz  and are pleased to provide a product line of leggings that are the most trendy and softest ones out there, and at a reasonable price! She’s Got Leggz head office is located in Burlington, Ontario

She’s Got Leggz is dedicated to bringing fun and trendy fashion to your doorstep! We love to shop and help our customers find that perfect outfit or plan a great home shopping party with their friends! Who doesn’t love a girl’s night!

Becoming an Independent Distributor/Stylist

As a stylist you purchase your products from She’s Got Leggz head office at a discounted price and you then sell them through social media outlets, home shopping parties, local events, or through any other great idea that you may have! Excludes gift certificates.

You are running your own business and She’s Got Leggz is your supplier. You can call yourself She’s Got Leggz territory with/or by your name.

When you order your leggings, you will be able pick and choose your patterns. However, each pattern you order is a minimum quantity of 2 pairs of leggings, you cannot order single quantities. We do our best with special requests, but cannot guarantee any styles as patterns change per season.

Independent Distributor Status

As an independent distributor with She’s Got Leggz you are required to register your business and file for an HST number with the government. It is your responsibility to comply with all Ontario and Federal laws.


Our shipping charges range from $15-40 depending on the dollar value of your order.

Minimum Orders

We also have a minimum monthly leggings order amount of $150 which works out to about 10 pairs of leggings. An average party sells anywhere from 20 – 30 pairs of leggings.

What happens if you decide She’s Got Leggz isn’t for you? No problem, just send us an email and let us know that you no longer wish to continue with us. We require 30 days’ notice. Any unsold product is the responsibility of the stylist and is not refundable by She’s Got Leggz. 

What happens when you decide to join our team?

You will be sent a welcome letter with some helpful tips on how to organize your products, marketing ideas, payment methods etc. You will be added to our website on the stylist contact page and you will be given a password for the website. You can then go ahead and place your order and get started having fun and making money.

READY to Join?

Please read over this FAQ sheet and the Stylist Program Agreement completely, please advise if you should have any further questions. When you are ready to sign the agreement please follow these instructions.

  1. Print your first and last name at the end of the contract where indicated.
  2. Sign your name above your printed name.
  3. Scan and email the contract back to:
  4. Request to join the “She’s Got Leggz Admin & Rep Communication” Facebook Group (this is a closed group) and acceptance will only be given after your first order has been placed.
  5. Once you have been accepted into the group, you can set-up your She’s Got Leggz Facebook Page.

Thank you for joining She’s Got Leggz. We are excited to have you aboard! You are going to have so much fun selling our product. You will meet so many great customers and there is never any need for any high pressure sails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sizing for She’s Got Leggz Leggings?

Regular Adult - One Size fits 2 to 12

Plus Adult – One Size fits 12-20

Kids Size S - One Size fits 3 to 6

Kids M - One size fits 7 to 10

Kids Size L – One size fits 12 to 14

Adult Tunics: available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL

What material are She’s Got Leggz Leggings?

Our leggings are a polyester-spandex blend and are the truest form of comfort.

How do I order product?

Once we have received your signed Agreement, you will be given a password to enter the website and you can register for an account at: This is where you will place all of your orders. We accept payment for your orders in the form of PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

 What happens after I have submitted my order?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email that shows your order number and list of items that you have purchased. Once our warehouse crew has packed and shipped your order you will receive an email indicating this along with a tracking number. Orders are processed and shipped within 5-7 business days. This does not include shipping times.

What do I name my Facebook Page?

Your She’s Got Leggz Facebook (business) Page will contain the name ‘She’s Got Leggz’ plus your distribution area; for example, “She’s Got Leggz – Burlington ” by “your name”  We like our reps to label their Facebook pages this way so that we can easily refer our customers to their closest rep. If you were to search ‘She’s Got Leggz’ in the Facebook search bar you would be able to see all of the She’s Got Leggz Rep’s Pages across North America.

What avenues can I utilize to sell She’s Got Leggz?

We are flexible with the ways in which you’re allowed to sell She’s Got Leggz products. You’re can host Stop n’Shops, have others host a She’s Got Leggz Stop n’Shops, set up tables/booths at markets, festivals, trade shows, hold online parties, etc.

How do I host a Stop n’Shop

All stop n’shops come with hostess incentives. Not only does the hostess get to have a fun night in with her friends and family they also have the benefit of earning free leggings. All hostess’s leggings are supplied by Head office. Stop n’Shops should run each stylist 2-3 hours including set up and clean up. For example the hostess invites her guest for 7pm, they shop until 8:30. The stylist arrives at 6:30 to set up and should leave by 9pm, this is at the discretion of the stylist and hostess. 

Hostess earn free leggings with legging sales of: 

$100 - $299 = 1 pair

$300- $499 = 2 pairs

$500 - $799 = 3 pairs

$800 - $999 = 4 pairs

$1000 or more = 6 pairs

Can I sell other products alongside She’s Got Leggz?

As long as the other products are not also offered by She’s Got Leggz then yes, you can sell those products. We DO NOT allow our She’s Got Leggz Stylist to sell for other Legging companies or other similar products that we carry (as you’ll see later on in the Representative Agreement).

Are there marketing materials for me to utilize?

You will find helpful resources in the ‘Files’ and ‘Photo Album’ sections of the “She’s Got Leggz Admin & Rep Communication” Facebook Group (this is a closed group). These resources include Price Lists, Logo, etc. In addition, please feel free to use any marketing/promo pics that we post on the main She’s Got Leggz FB Page or on our Instagram. Such costs as printing business cards, banners or posters are the responsibility of the She’s Got Leggz Stylist and can be ordered through She’s Got Leggz head office.