Leggings Care

Our leggings are made of an amazing polyester-spandex blend, that offers great mobility and shape retention. Due to the properties of the material and the thickness of the fabric, they are delicate and need to be worn and washed with care. 


How to make your leggings durable:

A big no-no for leggings is overstretching them! If the fabric is over-stretched it might tear. A suggestion is to go with a larger size than what you usually wear. If your size is around the higher range of the regular size, you might want to try out the curvy style to prevent ripping and tearing.

Avoid rugged surfaces, wood surfaces that could have splinters, and too much friction, as this could damage the material.

If you notice a small rip, you can quickly mend it before it grows bigger and destroys the leggings completely.

Make sure you hand wash them with cold water and hang to dry. Although they might survive the machine wash and tumble dry, the material will become weaker and eventually tear.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer exchanges for rips and tears from wear. Just like with any pair of stocking, tights or leggings, they will eventually wear out, which is why we offer super affordable prices so you can get a new pair and show off your new print!

Remember, leggings are footless tights, which are another category of hoisery such as pantyhose. They will not be as durable as pants or jeans, but when worn properly they look super hip, fashionable and effortless.