Heck ya! You can so wear those leggings!!

Being in the business of leggings I constantly hear "Oh they are so cute, oh they are so soft, but I can't wear them!" I say, why the heck not?

Is it because you feel you're too old? Poppycock! My mother is 77 years old and she rocks a skull pattern like a true Diva!

Is it because you think your butt or legs are too big, you are too short, skinny? Impossible! Any body shape can wear leggings. Leggings fabric are made to stretch and sit just right on anybody. This is your body, love everything about it, curves and all!

Is it because the patterns are too bold? Well nobody said you had to start out wearing the neon popsicles! Most people start off with basic black, then move on to the black w/white or w/grey. Who knows, in time you just might like that neon popsicle print! 

Leggings are comfortable, versatile and pretty inexpensive. They are a staple in any women's wardrobe.

Love yourself, Love your curves! Own it!

May 08, 2018 by Theresa & Laura Founders of She's Got Leggz



Kirstin said:

I LOVE all the patters! Great to have fun with it at “play time” and a (little) tamer for work but still with an awesome splash of colour- it’s great to be stylish and comfortable at the same time!

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