About Us/Our Story

Laura and Theresa became friends through their children, and since the two loved leggings they decided to open up their own business in 2016 as a hobby to earn extra money for kids’ social activities, vacations, and some extra side money.

The rest is history.
She’s Got Leggz began its operations in Laura’s basement, but that was short-lived. Two years after launching the brand they ran out of room and decided to open up a corporate head office in Burlington, and they even have a warehouse that pumps products in-and-out daily.
The business started off with just the two of them, and now they have scores of social selling reps from across Canada. Women from across the nation believe in their products and want to grow with the company. It’s one big family now that’s full of love and happiness. That’s right, the She’s Got Leggz family is thrilled to make a positive difference in the lives of women of all ages and sizes with their products.
She’s Got Leggz is Canada’s #1 leggings company! Building an empire is never easy, however, their hard work and dedication is the reason why they are so successful.
The business is now a household name from coast-to-coast and they are also very popular on social media and in the news media, and sales continue to soar.
Laura and Theresa are also actively involved with community outreach projects, giving back to local organizations, including Halton Women’s Place