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Stylist of the Month!

Meet Kristina!

Why did you choose to become an SGL stylist?

I was trying to figure out a way to make some extra money. My mom told me about these leggings and so I thought well I like leggings why not try and see what happens. I have never done anything like this before. Well now I am hooked! I can’t wait to share this wonderful products with everyone! 


Every day, Every way leggings…

Every day, Every way leggings…

So, you’ve never worn leggings before? It’s not your “thing”? What would you wear them with? Well the answers are simple, and we’ve got you covered at SGL
July 31, 2018 by Theresa & Laura Founders of She's Got Leggz
Kids, Comfort & Leggings

Kids, Comfort & Leggings

I am now 47 years old. My kids are 12 and 15 so I am long past the baby/toddler years. Do I miss them? Yes, yes I do. They couldn’t talk then so they couldn’t talk back and that right there is worth its weight in gold!
July 16, 2018 by Theresa & Laura Founders of She's Got Leggz
Leggings to Capris! Say What?

Leggings to Capris! Say What?

Every day women from all over are asking us “Do you sell capris?” The answer is simply no, we do not. We have discussed it until we are exhausted and in the end, have come up with that conclusion.
July 05, 2018 by Theresa & Laura Founders of She's Got Leggz

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Meet Theresa & Laura - Founders of SGL

Theresa and Laura are two moms  who became friends through their children. They fell in love with leggings and decided to start their own leggings business. They thought the business would be a hobby to earn extra money for vacations, kids social activities and extra spending money, but it has become a passion to help other women live their dreams. With an amazing team behind them, they are fast becoming Canada's #1 leggings company! 

Theresa Place & Laura Youngs Founders of She's Got Leggz